Alternative Learning Systems, Welcomes you...

ALS Main Campus – North-West Delhi Proximity to Delhi University (North Campus & Metro Station)


The larges ALS campus is located in the bustling North-West Delhi in a safe environment just on outer ring road, well within the exciting lanes of Delhi. With expansion of educational campuses in the vicinity, this district is fast emerging as an academic Mecca for students. The area is well connected to the entire North Campus and a large number of other facilities & landmarks with the metro station at its doorstep.



Campus facilities include theatre style lecture halls and studios with seating capacities for upto 500 students at a time, extensive resource centre, reading facilities and a cafeteria. Students make use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment while working in creative environments ergonomically built to promote the love of learning. This is the principal facility wherefrom ALS also broadcasts lectures through VSAT technology to other IAS training centres across India.
This campus is special-needs friendly with a gumptious counselling and support cell. Students have access to a large network of useful aids at their disposal. The benefits of being in the largest ALS campus are evident from the gigantic scale of educational activity and availability of faculty and staff ever-present to attend to any imaginable query.